Want us to build, launch and manage your customer acquisition system for you?

(so you can see EXACTLY how we do it)

We work with a variety of industries, we typically find our return on adspend is
between 4x-12.3x. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Can I have a Case Study, Proposal, or Proof of Results?

I'd love too, however I get this question 20+ times per day and to create those documents just for you to "think about it" and never talk to me again makes it very hard to use all that time for nothing. Please watch the video above. We have outlined just a few
RECENT ones up there and can talk about others in your industry during the call. 

What is your average Return on investment?

It's between 4-12.3x, we have worked with over 100 businesses as a team and over 1000 with our previous experience combined. Please understand that each client is different and with that comes different levels of ROI. After our initial discovery call to see whether it wouldbe a good fit,  we put together a strategy of how we will achieve the results you're looking for and indicate expected timelines. 

What is the average Daily Ad Spend on FB?

We recommend a starting budget of at least $15-$30 USD if you're only targeting a small area per day or if a larger area or specific niche then $30-100 for most industries. This is the AVERAGE so if you can afford more the faster the results will come.

How will you get me results?

Great question! Since EVERY client we take in is different I would have no clue until we hop off our onboarding call and talk with my team to get a strategy plan set in place with the information you gave me. There is no one size fits all strategy that works for everyone. Each client is different and we take the time to ensure our strategy is the best for you. 

Do you guarantee results? 

No, there are many things out of my control that keep me from guaranteeing results. What I do guarantee is I will put your service or product in front of your ideal audience and keep it in front of future buyers until they decide to buy. If someone guarantees results they are scamming you, It's impossible! We prefer to work on a performance basis as this makes more sense for both businesses growth - but we need to discuss this via a call. If we don't think we can help you then we won't work with you - simple as that.
See how our pricing works below.

How long will it take before I see some leads or sales?

Typically you'll start seeing some traction on your ads within 3 days depending what metric we're measuring, what niche you're in and how much you have put into the adspend.

Do you design the Images/Videos for the Ads?

Yes we can do or you can provide us with your own marketing materials 
How long does the campaign build take?

Our campaigns take 1-3 weeks to build out. Once the campaigns are built and approved, we can go live.

How does your pricing work?

We prefer to adopt a performance based model. This is calculated based on the metric we are measuring success for (e.g leads, e-commerce sales).
If you have never used paid advertising before, there are many hours of work that goes into building a successful campaign and integrating it with your website and finding the most ideal people online to keep the costs down. If you don't have any of this set up then we will charge a fee for this.

Here are some examples of how a performance based model can work:

Typically we would take our fee from a percentage of the allocated ad spend or sales if and when you qualify. Most of our clients doesn't qualify for this straight away but we would work with them to get them to that place as quick as possible so they will qualify. 

E.g An e-commerce business we'd be tracking website purchases, therefore our fee would be a revenue percentage
If you're in the lead gen business, we can't guarentee the success of your sales team, therefore we would either work a fee based on the amount of leads we can provide you or a percentage of the adspend.   
Do you provide any other lead gen services?

Yes, we have a cold outreach team for direct messaging and cold email, we do social media posting and optimisation, search engine optimisation as well as the paid advertising strategies.
We have experts in all these areas, not 1 or 2 people trying to be a jack of all trades.

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